15-Second TV Spot for Dexter's Laboratory Ego Trip00:16

15-Second TV Spot for Dexter's Laboratory Ego Trip

The world will be watching.

Title: 15-Second TV Spot for Dexter's Laboratory Ego Trip

Uploaded: September 3, 2011 (Timboxmckenzie)

Length: 0:16

Description: I do not own, or claim to own, any contents of this 15-second TV Spot for the 1999 One-Hour Dexter's Laboratory Made-For-TV Special-cum-movie, Ego Trip (which is my third favorite movie next to Avatar (The James Cameron movie, but not the Nickelodeon show Avatar: The Last Airbender) and Dreamworks' How to Train Your Dragon), but here it is. P.S. What if Dexter's Laboratory: Ego Trip should someday be accompanied in IMAX Theatres with a 30-or so-minute extended theatrical teaser trailer cum preview of select IMAX footage from my Dexter's Odyssey movie idea (or maybe the first part of it) for one day only and to build anticipation in the same way the extended teasers for James Cameron's Avatar and Disney's TRON Legacy did in both 2009 and 2010, respectively?

Just kidding!


[A CGI atom flies down the screen, followed by the appearance of the word "incredible"]

Voice 1: "This is incredible!"

Voice 2: "This is genius!"

[The outline of Mandark's face flashes on a static screen, followed by a city exploding into a fireball with the words "total surrender" over it]

Voice 3: "Total surrender!"

Voice 2: "The Earth is in peril!"

Voice 4: "OH, THE HUMANITY!"

[The fireball dissipates, showing the image of Dexter with technology strapped to his body]

Don Lefontaine: "Presenting: Ego Trip, starring Dexter."

[Black and white circles emerge from the disc on Dexter's torso, covering his body to create his pilot suit. The image cuts back to the CGI atom, which flies away from the screen, until it forms the O in "Ego Trip". The date and time of Ego Trip's premiere, as well as the Cartoon Network logo, appear soon after]

Voice 5: "Premiering Friday, December 10th at 7, on Cartoon Network!"

[The image cuts to a view of the Earth, surrounded by stars and a crescent moon. There is a faint glimmer of light coming from North America]

Don Lefontaine: "The world will be watching."

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