34 Seconds of Unhealthy Obsession00:35

34 Seconds of Unhealthy Obsession

Timbox's Most Aptly Named Video

Title: 34 Seconds of Unhealthy Obsession

Uploaded: October 4, 2008

Description: Alright, Your Attention, Please. Due to my obsession with T-Rex, Fuzzy Lumpkins, and now, Dee Dee, Lee Lee, and Mee Mee (her friends) during the last 12 minutes, I'm going to show you Dee Dee, Lee Lee, and Mee Mee again.

P.S. Sorry, I seem to prefer Lee Lee (whom I kiss) and my strange cooing sounds may be my love calls to a character like Lee Lee.


[Video opens to extreme closeup of Lee Lee.]

Timbox: *Cooing noises* Oooh, I love you Lee Lee.

[Camera zooms in and out as Timbox kisses the image of Lee Lee. Camera then zooms out to show Mee Mee and Dee Dee as well.]

Timbox: I love you Dee Dee, Lee Lee, and Mee Mee. I love you.

[Camera zooms back in on Lee Lee's smiling face. Timbox makes kissing noises, then moves the camera to Dee Dee and Mee Mee, kissing them in turn as well.]

Timbox: Check on you laterrrr!

[Timbox closes the image of Dee Dee, Lee Lee, and Mee Mee.]

Timbox: Oh man...

[Camera moves away from his Windows Vista computer to his dimly lit room, passing him.]

Timbox: I'll see you later. Bye. *Kissing noise*

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