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A brief summary of The Princess of ShangaraEdit

Lilimaia is a proud and pure warrior maiden of few words who is as mighty, brave and noble as she is young, fair and beautiful, and who is prophesized to be the one to bring about the downfall of the evil Dark Lord Mandark. 

Many ages before, Mandark is warned that a newborn Princess of Shangara bearing a special mark would grow up to dispose him. 6 months from the birth of just such a child, Lilimaia’s father, The King of Shangara, had decided to send her away to be raised by a Shangaran-born book merchant named Taikiroh, and to also study with her world’s foremost scholars as well as to be trained in martial arts and stuff. 

Along the way, Lilimaia befriends two girls, Daphne and Mikaela, and in the course of their travels and training, the three girls (Lilimaia, who is Asian, Mikaela, who is black, and Daphne, who is white and blonde) encounters exotic and mythical civilizations, living dinosaurs and other living Mesozoic fauna that are Triassic, Jurassic and/or Cretaceous by age, fire-breathing dragons and half-lion, half eagle griffins, rugged, beautiful landscapes and primeval forests, and modern urban cityscapes with fantastic trappings. 

Eventually, with the help of Mikaela and Daphne, as well as Daphne’s estranged boy genius brother Odysseus, who runs a fully equipped secret lab beneath the mountains, Lilimaia fully understood that she must accept the responsibility of her destiny. And so, with her mind and body sharply honed by then, Lilimaia returns home a woman as mighty, brave and noble a warrior as she is young, fair and beautiful a maiden (sort of like the legendary Chinese female warrior Mulan), and ready to vanquish Mandark and his evil forces and end Mandark’s attempts of conquest and enslavement of her world as well as to end Mandark’s evil reign. And with the help of Lilimaia’s friends and Daphne’s brother, Lilimaia finally managed to defeat Mandark and assume the throne that is rightfully hers.
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A brief summary of The Princess of Shangara