"The Dexter's Lab movie that I want to make."

Dexter's Odyssey is one of Timothy's many ideas for a movie, and the one he's spent the most time on, being in the works since 2006.


This film has had a long history in development, with it popping up as far back as 2006.

2006 VersionEdit

Main article: Dexter's Odyssey/2006 Version

The earliest known version was posted on what was (for many) the first time they found Timbox, the forums. At this point, he envisioned the movie as a trilogy, with a complicated mythology and an inexplicable crossover with the Powerpuff Girls.

2008 VersionEdit

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This version was told on Blogger in mid-2008. By this time, he had expanded the series from 3 movies to 12.


  • The film was originally a trilogy,[1] before he expanded it to a 12-movie series, then paring it down again to just one movie.
  • At one point, he wanted to insert characters from the films The Ant Bully, Surf's Up, and the 2005 King Kong remake into the movie.[2]
  • One idea was that the film would have a framing device, involving film students finding a 12-hour workprint of the film, which was (according to Tim) abandoned on September 11th.[3]
  • Timothy has toyed with making this movie either a comic book[4] or a television[5] series instead.
  • Tim once had the idea of making his 2006 version into a game, as a thread on the Criterion boards once showed.
  • The plot in 2006 is considered the more complete, as the internet has never seen a "full" version aside from the 2006 idea.