An additional feature of Fanpop is the ability to upload images to each show's fanpage

Below are the images that Timbox has uploaded to Fanpop's Dexter's Laboratory page, along with his comments on each.

Keywords these images are filed under on Fanpop are: Dexter's Laboratory, Dexter's Lab, Odyssey, epic, movie, idea, logo, poster, design, and leelee.



Dexter's Odyssey Logo

The Logo for my movie idea, "Dexter's Odyssey".


Dexter's Odyssey Poster Design 01

Dexter's Odyssey Poster Design 01Edit

The first of three poster designs for my movie idea, "Dexter's Odyssey".


Dexter's Odyssey Poster Design 02

Dexter's Odyssey Poster Design 02Edit

Another Poster Design for my movie idea "Dexter's Odyssey" but with the closeups of the eyes of LeeLee, The Asian Friend of Dexter's Sister, Dexter himself, and Dexter's nemesis Mandark.


Dexter's Odyssey Poster Design 03

Dexter's Odyssey Poster Design 03Edit

The third poster design for my movie idea, "Dexter's Odyssey", with a closeup of DeeDee's Asian friend LeeLee's arm as she clutches a sword and a red napkin thing in her hands. LeeLee is the "Princess of Shangara" referred to in the tagline.

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