As chronicled in the Sites Timbox has Been On page, Timbox has been on a LOT of sites. However, Timbox has also had a habit of dropping sites very quickly, if not immediately.

Here is a guide to the sites Timbox has signed up for, but didn't do enough to warrant their own pages on this Wiki.

Animation World NetworkEdit

On March 6th, 2011, Timbox signed up as a user on this news site. He has yet to make a post.

Behind the Voice ActorsEdit

Timbox signed up for this site on June 28th, 2011. 

On here, he posted three "favorites", none of which are a surprise, along with reasons

#1 All Time Favorite Character: Lee Lee
Reason: I like Dee Dee's Asian Friend Lee Lee besides AVATAR's Jake Sully in avatar form.
#1 All Time Favorite TV Show: Dexter's Laboratory
Reason: This is my all-time favorite TV Show!
#1 All Time Favorite Movie: Avatar
Reason: This is my favorite movie!

He only made one other comment, the same day he signed up, on the site's page for Lee Lee.

Oh my god! Is that Dee Dee's Asian Friend, Lee Lee, my favorite female character from my favorite TV show, Dexter's Laboratory, and whom I like besides Jake Sully, my main blue man from James Cameron's AVATAR? I love Dee Dee's Asian Friend, Lee Lee!

He continued to lurk until August 29th of that same year, then disappeared from the site altogether.


Recently, on August 7, 2013, Timbox signed up for a book site called "Booksie". Apparently, his favorite book is Of Mice and Men.

Hello. I am Timothy McKenzie. You can call me Timbox. I love cartoons (i.e., Samurai Jack and Dexter's Laboratory), movies, dinosaurs, and other cultures, among other topics.

Comic Book RealmEdit

Timbox signed up on May 18th, 2010, but abandoned his account that same day.

Forces of GeekEdit

On August 1st, 2012, probably because it was a slow news day, Forces of Geek writer Jonathan Dantzler took it upon himself to publish a length article, spreading the word about Timothy Robert "Timbox" McKenzie, as well as providing an anti-bullying message.

Either Jonathan Dantzler sent the article directly to Timbox or Timbox was just randomly searching his name that day, because at 5:24pm the same day the article went up, he wrote a response in the comments, criticizing the article's use of the internet term "lolcow" to describe him.

Yep. I probably was a lolcow on the internet. But don't count me out. I am still a very special person, not because I have a disability, but because I have lots of adventures throughout my life so far, and also because I have lots of promises.

Home Theater ForumEdit

Timbox signed up for this forum, focused on discussing home releases of TV shows and movies, on September 30, 2006; This places his account on the Home Theater Forum as one of the earliest known Timbox sightings. His only post on the site, made on October 1st of 2006, was made (rather off-topicly) in response to a thread by "Bill Hunt" about Rober Harris' Yellow Failure column on The Digital Bits.

Bill Hunt, Wouldn't Be Cool if On November 2010, after prinicpal photography on the Dexter's Odyssey Trilogy, Tim Box, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, Tim Box Animation Studios and Robert A. Harris will start work on restoring all of the deleted scenes of The Powerpuff Girls Movie with Robert A. Harris for the 86-minute theatrical re-release of the Powerpuff Girls Movie called The Powerpuff Girls Movie: Special Edition, which will feature THX Digitally Remastered Picture, all of the deleted scenes that were cut from the film, and a newly-remastered, remixed, and redoned soundtrack in Dolby Digital Surround EX and DTS ES supervised by Skywalker Sound and Park Road Post? The Powerpuff Girls Movie: Special Edition will have a gigantically massive marketing, advertising and promotional campaign. The Powerpuff Girls Movie: Special Edition will released to Digital Projection, 35mm, and IMAX theaters June 15, 2012 with a 316-day theatrical run and with the 27-minute completed and reconstructed widescreen version of the unfinished Powerpuff Girls episode, Deja View, which will also be screened with Dexter's Odyssey: The Birth of Mandark. When the Powerpuff Girls Movie: Special Edition is released, everyone worldwide will begin listing the Powerpuff Girls Movie as among the greatest animated feature films of all time.
The Powerpuff Girls Movie will also be re-released on DVD by The Criterion Collection on November 13, 2008, 6 Months into its 316-day theatrical run. The Powerpuff Girls Movie: The Criterion Collection will be a 6-disc set and will feature both the 74-minute theatrical and 86-minute extended cut, both in THX-Certified 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen. Audio include THX-Certified Dolby EX 5.1 and DTS ES 6.1 audio supervised by Skywalker Sound for the extended cut, and THX-Certified Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS 5.1 audio for the theatrical cut. On Discs one and two, there will be two audio commentaries (for both versions), the completed widescreen version of the unfinished PPG Episode, Deja View, and the original widescreen version of Dexter's Lab: Chicken Stratch, Two Isolated Music-Only and Sound Effects-Only tracks and a 73-minute behind the scenes branching option. Discs 3, 4, 5, and 6, will feature all of the supplements from development to release, including a 235-minute documentary on the making of the film, most of the illustrations and videos made during the making and release of the film, and a complete set of promo material. The DVD set will be housed in highly-collectible digipack packaging and in a highly-collectible slipcase packaging with a 10th anniversary Commemorative In-package Keepsake, a 1,452-page minature book whose size could fit the DVD packaging, The Powerpuff Girls Movie: The Making and Art of An Animated Film, and a 100-page booklet, the longest of any Criterion essays.
So on November 2010, Tim Box, Warner Bros., Twentieth Century Fox, Cartoon Network, and Robert A. Harris and I, Timothy McKenzie, will Start Working On the Powerpuff Girls Movie: Special Edition!  
Timmy McKenzie 

Timbox never resurfaced on this forum after the post was made. (Post #16)


There's a video page titled "Timbox129" on Livestream, though when it started, its purpose, and if it's really Timbox that made the channel are all unknown.

Marry Your Favorite Characters OnlineEdit

Perhaps one of the most peculiar sites that Timbox has signed up for, this faux-dating website allows users to pick their favorite characters to "marry". Timbox registered on January 10th, 2011, at 7:05:27pm, and proceeded to "marry" both Lee Lee and, as a bit of a surprise, Mee Mee.

The log-out time for his last time on this site was 7:06:18pm, meaning that Timbox was on this site for a grand total of 51 seconds, longer than it took to write this section about it.


Technically, it doesn't seem Timbox has signed up for Pinterest (yet), but two of his Flickr posts have been pinned by other people.

The DrawingBoardEdit

Timbox signed up for this site on October 23rd, 2011 at 10:20pm. He was ultimately banned after at least two posts, and unfortunately due to the nature of bans on the site, all his posts were wiped out. However, through Google Cached, we can view at least one of these, posted the same day he joined at 10:29pm in a thread titled "A Dexter's Laboratory Question of Mine":

Hello. My Name is Timbox, and this is my first post here. Now, I have a question regarding my favorite cartoon Dexter's Laboratory:
Do you guys remember Dee Dee’s friends, Lee Lee and Mee Mee from the Cartoon Network Show, Dexter's Laboratory? Do you miss them? What did they look like and what are their ethnic backgrounds? And do you recall any episode(s) and/or part(s) that involves Dee Dee and/or her friends, Mee Mee and Lee Lee in Dexter's Lab? Well, What are your memories of Dee Dee's friends, Lee Lee and Mee Mee, from Dexter's Lab, if you guys have any?
Also, can any of you guys draw me Dee Dee and/or her friends Mee Mee and Lee Lee? Anyone?



Timbox's Wikidino picture of an Einiosaurus

Timbox might frequent this site, as there is a picture on the site listed as "Einiosaurus, timbox129".


In October of 2006, Timbox created a page on Wikipedia for "Dexter's Odyssey: A Tale of the Tim Box Wars". While the contents of what this page said are now lost to time, the page's less-than-stellar reaction is well documented. It was quickly nominated for deletion, which led to Timbox having this conversation with Wikipedia moderator "Lid":

Someone wants it deleted? Timbox129 06:40, 22 October 2006 (UTC)

Speedy delete, that would be I - zero google results and judging by the opening alone it is either non-notable, nonsense or falls under made up in school one day. ––Lid(Talk) 06:43, 22 October 2006 (UTC)

WTF Man, this took me THREE schooldays to make this. Timbox129 06:45, 22 October 2006 (UTC)
You may wish to read Wikipedia is not an indiscriminate collection of informationWikipedia:Wikipedia is not for things made up in school one day and Wikipedia is not a publisher of original thought. –– Lid(Talk) 06:51, 22 October 2006 (UTC)
You know, maybe I should!— Preceding unsigned comment added by Timbox129 

The article was successfully deleted and, as far as his Wikipedia contributions are concerned, he hasn't made another account since.

Timbox129's contributions page

Articles for deletion/Dexter's Odyssey: A Tale of The Tim Box Wars


Timbox signed up for this site on April 24th, 2011. He only made one post, that same day, the opening post of a short-lived thread titled "Lee Lee and Mee Mee from Dexter's Laboratory".

Hello. I'm new here. To get things started, I'm gonna ask you guys something: Do you remember Dee Dee's friends, Lee Lee, and Mee Mee, from the Cartoon Network Show, Dexter's Laboratory? Do you miss them? What did they look like and what are their ethnic backgrounds? And do you recall any episode(s) and/or part(s) that involves Dee Dee and/or her friends, Mee Mee and Lee Lee in Dexter's Lab? Any memories? Just wondering.

It took a year and four months for anyone to respond to this thread, by which point Timbox had already abandoned Zetaboards. His last login was on December 22nd, 2011.