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November 26th - 8:31pm

After having gone missing from Facebook for a little over a month, Timbox returned with several posts in the days after Thanksgiving.

26th - 8:31pmEdit

*Timbox signed up for MeetMe, and linked it to his Facebook account, along with a never-before-seen picture. For what reason he did this is a mystery, as he immediately abandoned MeetMe after this post*

27th - 9:33pmEdit

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November 27th - 9:33pm

This is what another for my Dexter's Odyssey movie project or so might look like with Dexter himself

27th - 9:35pmEdit

And this is what a Double-Sheet poster for my Dexter's Odyssey movie project or so might look like with Dexter and one of Dee Dee's friends, an Asian girl by the name of Ashi

27th - 10:37pmEdit

I've remembered Dexter's Lab Ego Trip! I like this movie, besides Avatar, but nothing in it is as epic as the battle between Dexter, Mandark and their future selves and/or the climactic battle in Avatar. But there's a difference between these two films. You see, while the Na'vi in Avatar has come across as CGI, Dexter, Mandark and their future selves are decidedly 2D hand drawn cartoons.

*Attached is a defunct YouTube link to a video entitled "Dexter vs Mandark"*

29th - 3:44pmEdit

Everyone! Red Alert! Irvin Kershner, director of Empire Strikes Back is totally dead! He'll be so missed forever!
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November 27th - 9:35pm

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