Another quiet month in Timbox's early Facebook days.

9th - 10:04amEdit

There it is: my hoyl grail...Phil Tippett's Prehistoric Beast!

*Attached is a video from Phil Tippett's Facebook wall about the restoration of his 1984 film "Prehistoric Beast"*

17th - 8:19amEdit

Wake Up! Gather 'Round! Peter Jackson, Warner Bros., MGM, they've greenlitted The Hobbit! In Two Parts! In 3-D!

Timbox (27th - 5:05pm): Update: It looks like Peter Jackson's The Hobbit is gonna be shot entirely in New Zealand, just like Lord of the Rings!

21st - 2:25pmEdit

I have just preordered Avatar: Extended Collector's Edition and it'll arrive on my doorstep on Thanksgiving Week! I'm getting ready!

*Attached is a link to the Avatar movie site*

30th - 2:33pmEdit

Guys, regarding a character played by Michelle Rodriguez (whom you guys also saw in the 2010 actioner, Machete) in my all-time favorite movie, Avatar....Who Killed Trudy Chacon?! Is she really Trudy the Martyr?! And is it the Quaritch?! Well?!