Some 30 seconds of Lee Lee, Dee Dee' s Asian Friend00:30

Some 30 seconds of Lee Lee, Dee Dee' s Asian Friend

Title: Some 30 seconds of Lee Lee, Dee Dee's Asian Friend

Uploaded: July 6th, 2009

Length: 0:30

Description: Just me meeting one of Dee Dee's Asian Friend, Lee Lee, in her pajamas (which consists of green sleeping pants and a light green long sleeved shirt that exposes her stomach). Sorry for being a faggot, or an idiot or a moron but Don't call me names that I'don't like! and a thousand apologies for that heavy breathing and masturbating, so don't get me down! She's just Dee Dee's Asian friend from Dexter's Laboratory, you know.


Timbox: Hi there, Lee Lee my love. Hi Lee Lee. Whatchu doing? I love you, Lee Lee. [Kissing noises] I love you Lee Lee.

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