Title: The Princess of Shangara slideshow with Dee Dee, Lee Lee and Mee Mee

Uploaded: Between December 31, 2011 and April 28, 2012

Length: Unknown (approx. 3:00?)

Description: Again, I do not own, or claim to own, any contents of the audio or the images, but… We all know that Dee Dee’s Asian and Black friends Lee Lee and Mee Mee only appear in the 1996-1998 seasons of Dexter’s Laboratory and are racially stereotypical clones of Dee Dee, Dexter’s annoying sister. However, since I may be placing one of Dexter’s sister Dee Dee’s two friends, an Asian girl by the name of Lee Lee, at the center of a sprawling epic tale called “The Princess of Shangara” (where Lee Lee is also known as Lilimaia, a heroic warrior princess as mighty, brave, and noble as she is fair, young and beautiful), which is to be told on an epic scale for everyone, just as Lauren Faust (Craig McCracken’s wife) made My Little Pony Friendship is Magic for everybody and not just for little girls… I think differently about these two minor characters from Dexter’s Laboratory. Anyway… I mixed two more unreleased music samples from Hans Zimmer’s brilliant score for Disney’s 1994 megahit, The Lion King, with an almost 3-minute slideshow of Dee Dee, Lee Lee and Mee Me epics (two of which is my fanart), so you may or may not like it.

Lost StatusEdit

This video once existed on Timbox's Timboxmckenzie account at some point in 2012 prior to late April. It was one of the videos focusing on Timbox's Princess of Shangara project.

For reasons unknown, it disappeared by the end of 2012. Looking at the description for this video, it appears this may have been due to the use of Hans Zimmer's Lion King score.