One of the primary sources for Timbox's contact with the internet has been through YouTube.

Initially, his account was TimtheFilmmaker, which was subsequently banned at an unknown point.

Currently, two known accounts connected to Timbox are still active.

bobtherbuf/The Tim Box ShowEdit

Timbox's account from July 2008 to July 2009 was, in fact, an account created by his brother. After his previous account, TimtheFilmmaker was pulled, he hijacked his brother's, and proceeded to make a run of 54 videos, some of which were brought over from the previous account. Many of these provided an insightful look into Timbox's life that had never been seen before, filming the activities of his day-to-day life, providing commentary on his past and plans for the future, as well as his sexual interests.

timboxmckenzie/Timothy McKenzieEdit

July 2011, two years after he ceased the use of his brother's YouTube account, Timbox signed up for a new account. Despite having nearly as many videos as the previous account, a noticable shift in focus has been noted: rather than videos about his life, there is a greater focus on Dexter's Laboratory.

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